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Fotocrime is singer/guitarist/producer Ryan Patterson, guitarist Nick Thieneman, and bassist Will Allard. On a foundation of danceable, battle hymn drum machines and layered synths, Fotocrime is known for their transcendent electronic-meets-organic post-punk with driving bass, chiming guitars, and Patterson's unmistakable baritone.


A venerable supergroup of some of the most iconic and respected musicians from Louisville, Kentucky’s beloved underground music scene, Patterson is also the singer/guitarist of Coliseum, owns and operates Shirt Killer and Cat Magic Punks, and is a sought-after album cover and t-shirt artist. Thieneman is also the bass player of Young Widows and guitarist of Fool’s Ghost and Allard is known from his work in Xerxes and Whips/Chains.


Formed in early 2017, Fotocrime released two EPs that year, Always Hell and Always Night, followed by their first full-length album Principle Of Pain on Auxiliary/Golden Antenna in 2018. Their second and third albums, South Of Heaven (2020) and Heart Of Crime (2021), were released by Profound Lore Records and in 2022 Fotocrime self-released Alcoves, a collection of cover songs from Leonard Cohen, Portishead, Discharge, and others. 


In 2023, Fotocrime released Accelerated, their highly-acclaimed fourth album and first for new label home Artoffact Records. Accelerated found the band leaping forward from their signature darkwave-leaning post-punk into new territory. The album includes electronic rock anthems, soulful sophisti-pop, minimal synth punk, hints of Italo Disco, and dreamy art rock. 

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